Communicate with customers instantly, and convert visitors to loyal customers

In today's fast-paced business market, we understand the need for small businesses to connect with their customers quickly and reliably in order to build loyalty and ensure customer satisfaction. Presently, a business or organization communicates with customers and members through websites, email lists, social media posts, and in-person contact. However, none of these means provide the instantaneous reach or the breadth of customized services that our CommunityApp offers.  Imagine posting your billboard promo or special of the day directly to your customer's smartphone or tablet. This is exactly what CommunityApp provides the small business owner: real-time offers and announcements that reach anyone who has visited your business in the past and has obtained your App.

A CommunityApp is a customized Mobile WebApp, that is designed to help small businesses communicate with their customers and with the community where they operate.  A CommunityApp allows a business to build its own community network, manage updates easily and swiftly, and deepen the connection and loyalty with customers.  A CommunityApp is comprised of content exclusively from your small business or organization, that enables you to reach your community of customers instantly using easy-to-make content updates such as live status information posts, promotions, specials, chats, managing reservations, appointments and various other functions typical to small businesses. This enables real-time communication to with your clientele on special events, promotions, reservations, etc., which will give you an edge over your competition. A CommunityApp helps you attract customers from the community to your business, and strengthens the relationship you have with them. Benefits of a CommunityApp What's a Web-App?


Many uses of a CommunityApp

It is not just businesses that can benefit from a CommunityApp for themselves. A CommunityApp is also great for non-profit organizations, as well as for any service or event that needs to reach a specific community network. For example, a wedding or community event for a local library or club can be managed using CommunityApp. Additionally, real-estate agents can turn CommunityApp into a live business card with active feeds of current real-estate on the market to the community the agent services.  A CommunityApp is the best tool for building and maintaining your very own community network.

An example of a CommunityApp

Below is an example of a typical CommunityApp. The URL for this sample mobile App is

Open the URL on a smart phone, or access it from our demo page:

1. Enter the URL in your mobile browser.

2. Bookmark the URL by choosing 'Add to Home screen'.

3. You will see a new icon on your home screen for this App.

The content is refreshed with the latest updates every time your click on the icon.

Manage your CommunityApp content using our exclusive Dashboard App

The Dashboard App is a unique feature of our CommunityApp design. The Dashboard is the business owner's App that controls all aspects of the CommunityApp with swiftness, ease and security. It is a powerful tool to manage all aspects of customer communication. We specifically designed the Dashboard App features to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to quickly create/de-activate promotions, post announcements, manage appointments or reservations, add new content/pictures etc. 

Below is a screen-shot of the Dashboard being used to edit promotions, showing the help bubbles:


The Community Landscape

When you set up your CommunityApp, you also become part of the The Community landscape. The Community Landscape is comprised of all the CommunityApps from different types of businesses. We host Apps for individual businesses, non-profits and private organizations. Each App is essentially a mobile web-app (so it has a searchable, shareable URL), and contains content from your specific organization or business. You own and manage your own App and its content. These Apps are all part of our platform, and hence discoverable (except for Private Apps) through the embedded map view that is part of every Community App. The Community Discovery map not only shows your business, but it uses special annotated map markers to highlight your promotions and service status. This is a powerful tool, giving you an important and unprecedented advantage over current static maps, since these do not show current and up-to-date promotions or specials that would otherwise draw a casual browser to your business specifically. 

  Here's a preview of some of our screens:


   Preview: IOS Portal App and IOS customer App

One convenient Portal, with endless opportunities for discovery and connection.
One App, for all the small businesses in the world!! Really!